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Covid-19 Döneminde Sağlığımızı Koruma Yolları – Dr. Bayram Yıldız Md., Ph.D. – 03 Aralık 2020, Perşembe 07:30 PM PST

Ways to Protect Our Health in Covid-19 Era - Dr. Bayram Yıldız Md., Ph.D. - December 03 2020, Thursday, 07:30 PM PST

Dr. Bayram Yıldız graduated from Hacettepe Faculty of Medicine in 1979. He completed his doctorate in Ege University on "Risk Factors Causing Coronary Heart Diseases and Heart Attacks and How to Prevent Them". He calculates heart disease risk of individuals by using artificial intelligence and performs heart attack risk analysis for those who want to learn about their risk of heart attack. He still continues his studies on preventive care in Bodrum. He also gives seminars to raise awareness about heart attacks and prevention methods and Covid-19 pandemic, and writes weekly articles on these topics on the “Gercek Gündem” website.

  1. Causes and transmission of coronavirus and symptoms 
  2. Diagnosis and treatment of Covid-19
  3. The diabetes-heart connection and the threat of COVID-19
  4. Obesity and Covid-19 disease
  5. Ways to prevent the Covid-19 disease
  6. How should we protect our children?
  7. Meaning of Covid-19 tests
  8. Status of vaccine studies
  9. Benefits and harms of fortifying vitamins
  10. Benefits of using vitamin D
  11. The importance of masks, social distance and hand hygiene
  12. COVID-19 and Animals
  13. How should disinfection and surface cleaning be done?
  14. The duration of the virus on the surfaces and the safety of the packages coming with the cargo
  15. Recent developments regarding mutations
  16. Questions and Answers

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