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İki Dil Konuşan Çocuğunuz İçin Bilmeniz Gerekenler – Filiz Tosyalı, Çocuk Kitapları Yazarı – 06 Aralık 2020, Pazar, 10:00 AM PST

What You Need to Know for Your Bilingual Children - Filiz Tosyalı, Children's Book Writer - December 06, 2020, Sunday, 10:00 AM PST

Filiz Tosyalı was born in 1951 in Çanakkale. She graduated from Istanbul Aksaray Academy of Economic and Commercial Sciences. Known as the life coach and speaker, the author has many educational and instructive books for children.


In bilingual children, discussion, persuasion and thinking skills develop within the limits of logic. It is said that they confuse the two languages. It should not be considered confusing, they borrow words. Not all bilingual children use this route. Some apply for a reason. If you follow the rule, children do not need to take words in their second or third language other than the language they are currently speaking. If there is a parent who can speak two languages ​​and speaks with the child, he prefers this way. You may know. But it is your native language that you must speak. The thing to be done is that parents should always speak their mother tongue with their children. It is very wrong to speak English with a child one day and Turkish one day. Speaking at home is wise to speak the native language whatever it is to the individual. The task of speaking the local language should be assigned to a native speaker in your home: Caregiver or anyone , Or one of the parents. Although the local language is never spoken at home, the child learns that language outside. The local language is the language of the country of residence. Detailed information on these issues will be provided in the seminar.

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