Turkish Class Schedule - Adult (Beginner A1.1-A1.2)

1st Week9/3/22Saturday10:00 AM PSTTurkish Alphabet, Introduction, Greetings, Wishes
2nd Week9/10/22Saturday10:00 AM PSTPlural Suffix, What is this?, Who is this?
3rd Week9/17/22Saturday10:00 AM PSTWhat are these?, Who are these? Yes/No question Suffix
4th Week9/24/22Saturday10:00 AM PSTWhat is this place? There is, There isn’t
5th Week10/1/22Saturday10:00 AM PSTBulunma Durum Ekleri (-de, -da)
6th Week10/8/22Saturday10:00 AM PSTWhere?
7th Week10/15/22Saturday10:00 AM PSTAdjectives
8th Week10/22/22Saturday10:00 AM PSTNumbers
9th Week10/29/22Saturday10:00 AM PSTVerbs
10th Week11/5/22Saturday10:00 AM PSTPresent Continuous Tense
11th Week11/12/22Saturday10:00 AM PSTYönelme Durum Ekleri (-e, -a)
12th Week11/19/22Saturday10:00 AM PSTAyrılma Durum Ekleri, (-den, -dan)
13th Week11/26/22Saturday10:00 AM PSTFrom where?, To where?
14th Week12/3/22Saturday10:00 AM PSTLocative, Dative and Ablative Suffixes Used with Verbs
15th Week12/10/22Saturday10:00 AM PSTQuestions in Present Continuous Tense
16th Week12/17/22Saturday10:00 AM PSTEdatlar (-den sonra, -den önce)
17th Week1/7/23Saturday10:00 AM PSTBefore/after, At what time?
18th Week1/14/23Saturday10:00 AM PSTBecause, but, want to do
19th Week1/21/23Saturday10:00 AM PSTWhy, where, who
20th Week1/28/23Saturday10:00 AM PSTGeneral Revision
21st Week2/4/23Saturday10:00 AM PSTGeneral Revision, Informal Imperatives
22nd Week2/11/23Saturday10:00 AM PSTInformal Imperatives, Possessive Suffixes
23rd Week2/18/23Saturday10:00 AM PSTPossessive Suffixes
24th Week2/25/23Saturday10:00 AM PSTGenitive Suffix
25th Week3/4/23Saturday10:00 AM PSTFormal/Polite Imperatives
26th Week3/11/23Saturday10:00 AM PSTFormal/Polite Imperatives
27th Week3/18/23Saturday10:00 AM PSTSimple Past Tense
28th Week3/25/23Saturday10:00 AM PSTSimple Past Tense
29th Week4/1/23Saturday10:00 AM PSTGeneral Revision
30th Week4/8/23Saturday10:00 AM PSTWhat's the time/At what time?
31st Week4/15/23Saturday10:00 AM PSTWhat's the time/At what time?, General Revision
32nd Week4/22/23Saturday10:00 AM PST"with" suffix
You can download Class Schedule - Adult (Beginner A1.1-A1.2) from the link below