Turkish Class Schedule - Age 8-12 (Intermediate)

1st Week9/5/21Sunday9:30 AM PSTAlfabe ve Tanışma
2nd Week9/12/21Sunday9:30 AM PSTAlfabe ve Ailemiz
3rd Week9/19/21Sunday9:30 AM PSTAlfabe, Evimiz ve Sorumluluklarımız 
4th Week9/26/21Sunday9:30 AM PSTAlfabe ve Duygularımız
5th Week10/3/21Sunday9:30 AM PSTAlfabe ve Meslekler
6th Week10/10/21Sunday9:30 AM PSTAlfabe ve Hobilerimiz
7th Week10/17/21Sunday9:30 AM PSTAlfabe, Bilim ve Teknoloji
8th Week10/24/21Sunday9:30 AM PSTAlfabe ve Milli Bayramlarımız 
9th Week10/31/21Sunday9:30 AM PSTAlfabe ve Türkiye'mizi Tanıyalım
10th Week11/7/21Sunday9:30 AM PSTAlfabe ve Atatürk'ün Hayatı
11th Week11/14/21Sunday9:30 AM PSTAlfabe, Yiyecek ve İçecekler
12th Week11/21/21Sunday9:30 AM PSTAlfabe, Vücudumuz ve Sağlığımız 
13th Week11/28/21Sunday9:30 AM PSTAlfabe, Hayvanlar ve Bitkiler
14th Week12/5/21Sunday9:30 AM PSTAlphabet, Our Nature and Environment
15th Week12/12/21Sunday9:30 AM PSTAlfabe ve Zaman Kavramı
16th Week12/19/21Sunday9:30 AM PSTAlfabe ve Mevsimler 

Art Class Schedule - Age 8-12 (Elective)

1st Week9/5/21Sunday1:45 PM PSTWelcome to Art. Meeting and Introduction to Materials
3rd Week9/19/21Sunday1:45 PM PSTPortrait Work with Frida
5th Week10/3/21Sunday1:45 PM PSTCeramic Work with Füreya Koral
7th Week10/17/21Sunday1:45 PM PST29 October Republic Day Art Project
9th Week10/31/21Sunday1:45 PM PSTArt project to commemorate Atatürk
11th Week11/14/21Sunday1:45 PM PSTWhat is OP Art?
13th Week11/28/21Sunday1:45 PM PSTWhat is design? Making New Year Cards
15th Week12/12/21Sunday1:45 PM PSTSeasons with Giuseppe Arcimboldo

SCIENCE Class Schedule - Age 8-12 (Elective)

2nd Week9/12/21Sunday1:45 PM PSTWhat is Science? The First Inventions, The Importance of Science for Ataturk
4th Week9/26/21Sunday1:45 PM PSTNatural events; How Does Rain Occur ?, How Are Clouds Formed ?,How Does Tornados Occur?
6th Week10/10/21Sunday1:45 PM PSTThe World's Most Interesting Animals, The Art of Hiding Animals: Camouflage
8th Week10/24/21Sunday1:45 PM PSTLet's Explore Nature, Interesting Plants
10th Week11/7/21Sunday1:45 PM PSTLet's Explore Nature, Interesting Plants
12th Week11/21/21Sunday1:45 PM PSTThe Mysterious World of Water, How Do Fish Swim?
14th Week12/5/21Sunday1:45 PM PSTLet's Know Our Body, What Would Happen If We Didn't Have A Skeleton? How Do We Breathe?
16th Week12/19/21Sunday1:45 PM PSTOptical Illusions
You can download Class Schedule - Age 8-12 (Intermediate) from the link below