Turkish Class Schedule - Age 8-12 (Beginner)

1st Week1/9/22Sunday10:30 AM PSTTurkish Alphabet, Meeting and Greeting Students
2nd Week1/16/22Sunday10:30 AM PSTAlphabet, Games and Friendship
3rd Week1/23/22Sunday10:30 AM PSTAlphabet, Personal Care - Healthy Life
4th Week1/30/22Sunday10:30 AM PSTAlphabet, Safety - Traffic Rules
5th Week2/6/22Sunday10:30 AM PSTAlphabet, Numbers, Mathematical Operations, and Geometric Shapes
6th Week2/13/22Sunday10:30 AM PSTAlphabet, Turkish Currency
7th Week2/20/22Sunday10:30 AM PSTAlphabet, Turkey on the World Map
8th Week2/27/22Sunday10:30 AM PSTAlphabet, Our Earth and Planets
9th Week3/6/22Sunday10:30 AM PSTAlphabet, International Women's Day - Important Turkish Women
10th Week3/13/22Sunday10:30 AM PSTAlphabet, Science and Technology
11th Week3/20/22Sunday10:30 AM PSTAlphabet, Victory of Çanakkale
12th Week3/27/22Sunday10:30 AM PSTGrammar, World Theatre Day - Turkish Fairy Tale Heroes
13th Week4/3/22Sunday10:30 AM PSTGrammar, Rhymes and Riddles
14th Week4/10/22Sunday10:30 AM PSTGrammar, World Health Day - Our Body and Health
15th Week4/17/22Sunday10:30 AM PSTGrammar, National Sovereignty and Children's Day - The Importance of Children for Ataturk
16th Week4/24/22Sunday10:30 AM PSTGrammar, Earth Day - Nature and Environment

Art Class Schedule - Age 8-12 (Elective)

1st Week1/9/22Sunday1:45 PM PSTIntroducing Colors and Acrylics
3rd Week1/23/22Sunday1:45 PM PSTAcrylic Paint Work with Edouard Manet
5th Week2/6/22Sunday1:45 PM PSTCeramic Work with Robert Indiana
7th Week2/20/22Sunday1:45 PM PSTColoring Music with Wassily Kandinsky
9th Week3/6/22Sunday1:45 PM PSTInternational Women's Day Art Project - Hale Asaf - Landscape Work
11th Week3/20/22Sunday1:45 PM PSTCanakkale Victory Art Project - Jackson Pollock
13th Week4/3/22Sunday1:45 PM PSTWhat is Land Art?
15th Week4/17/22Sunday1:45 PM PSTApril 23rd National Sovereignty and Children's Day Art Project

Science Class Schedule - Age 8-12 (Elective)

2nd Week1/16/22Sunday1:45 PM PSTWhat is Science? Interesting Facts About Animals and Plants, The Importance of Science for Ataturk
4th Week1/30/22Sunday1:45 PM PSTWhat is Electricity? How Does Lightning Occur ?
6th Week2/13/22Sunday1:45 PM PSTMirrors, What is Light? How Does Light Spread?
8th Week2/27/22Sunday1:45 PM PSTMicrobes and Vaccines
10th Week3/13/22Sunday1:45 PM PSTLet's Protect Our Environment, The Importance of Recycling
12th Week3/27/22Sunday1:45 PM PSTThe Story of a Water Drop - The Importance of Water for Living Things
14th Week4/10/22Sunday1:45 PM PSTWhat is Sound? How Does Sound Spread?
16th Week4/24/22Sunday1:45 PM PSTOur Sense Organs
You can download Class Schedule - Age 8-12 (Beginner) from the link below