Turkish Class Schedule - Age 8-12 (Beginner)

1st Week1/9/21Saturday11:00 AM PSTTurkish National Anthem, Our Pledge, Meeting and Greeting Students
2nd Week1/16/21Saturday11:00 AM PSTAlphabet, Our Family
3rd Week1/23/21Saturday11:00 AM PSTAlphabet, Daily Expressions
4th Week1/30/21Saturday11:00 AM PSTAlphabet, Our Needs
5th Week2/6/21Saturday11:00 AM PSTAlphabet, Personal Care
6th Week2/13/21Saturday11:00 AM PSTAlphabet, Our Body
7th Week2/20/21Saturday11:00 AM PSTAlphabet, Nutrition
8th Week2/27/21Saturday11:00 AM PSTAlphabet, Our Health
9th Week3/6/21Saturday11:00 AM PSTAlphabet, Turkey
10th Week3/13/21Saturday11:00 AM PSTAlphabet, Our History
11th Week3/20/21Saturday11:00 AM PSTAlphabet, Life of Ataturk
12th Week3/27/21Saturday11:00 AM PSTAlphabet, Our National Holidays
13th Week4/3/21Saturday11:00 AM PSTAlphabet, Seasons
14th Week4/10/21Saturday11:00 AM PSTAlphabet, Animals, Plants
15th Week4/17/21Saturday11:00 AM PSTAlphabet, Our Nature and Environment
16th Week4/24/21Saturday11:00 AM PSTAlphabet, April 23rd Children's Day

Music Class Schedule - Age 8-12 (Elective)

1st Week1/9/21Saturday2:00 PM PSTTurkish National Anthem and Our Pledge
Ability to Sing with Piano and Original Recording
3rd Week1/23/21Saturday2:00 PM PSTThe Life and Music of Barış Manço
Being able to sing "Arkadaşım Eşşek"
5th Week2/6/21Saturday2:00 PM PSTRecognizing Musical Instruments and Distinguishing Their Sounds
Singing "Saglik" with Body Percussion and Piano
7th Week2/20/21Saturday2:00 PM PSTRecognizing Musical Instruments
Designing your own musical instrument, Maracas production
9th Week3/6/21Saturday2:00 PM PSTClassical Music Composers and Masterpieces
Singing "Guzel Yurdumun Turkiye" Accompanied by Body Percussion
11th Week3/20/21Saturday2:00 PM PSTRecognizing Music Genres; Jazz, Rock, Opera
Being able to Sing "Hoş Gelişler Ola Mustafa Kemal Paşa" with Piano
13th Week4/3/21Saturday2:00 PM PSTMaking Musical Instruments with Simple Items
Singing "Do It Yourself, play it yourself" with a Handmade Instrument
15th Week4/17/21Saturday2:00 PM PSTFazıl Say and Masterpieces
Singing April 23 Songs With Piano

Painting Art Class Schedule - Age 8-12 (Elective)

2nd Week1/16/21Saturday01:45 PM PSTWhat is Art? How to Become an Artist?
Create Your Own Artwork with Materials From Nature!
4th Week1/30/21Saturday01:45 PM PSTArt Materials and Their Uses
Create Your Own Art! Self-Portrait Work with Colors
6th Week2/13/21Saturday01:45 PM PSTBasic Drawing Techniques and Language of Colors
Hand Template Line and Color Usage Study
8th Week2/27/21Saturday01:45 PM PSTTurkish Painting Art Symbols
Create Your Own Symbol!
10th Week3/13/21Saturday01:45 PM PSTStamp ve Types
Leaf and Potato Stamp Art
12th Week3/27/21Saturday01:45 PM PSTCollage
Complete the Rest with Collage Work!
14th Week4/10/21Saturday01:45 PM PSTEbru Art and Miniature
Miniature Work on Ebru Art Application
16th Week4/24/21Saturday01:45 PM PSTHow to Review Museums and Works of Art?
Ataturk's Painting with Learned Techniques, Online Exhibition
You can download Class Schedule - Age 8-12 (Beginner) from the link below