2021 Resim Yarismasi




An award-winning painting contest with the theme "My Mother and I" is organized by the Orange County Turkish School in the Orange County region of the state of California, USA. The contest is open to all children between the ages of 4 (Four) and 12 (Twelve). The competition will be organized by the Orange County Turkish School.

Theme: "My Mother and I"

Painting Size: 35 x 50 cm / 14 x 17 Inches painting paper

Techniques: Allowed techniques (Pastel, oil paint, watercolor, acrylic, gouache, colored pencil, Marker).

Application Address: www.octurkishschool.org


All entries received will be viewed by the judges and the top paintings will be awarded for the first, second, third as well as the special jury recognition for each age group..

First Prize: $100.00 USD and 8-Week Online Painting Lesson at Orange County Turkish School

Second Prize: $75.00 USD

Third Prize: $25.00 USD

Honorable Mention: Competition Participation Certificate and 8-Week Online Painting Lessons at Orange County Turkish School


  • 4-5-6 Age Group
  • 7-8-9 Age Group
  • 10-11-12 Age Group


Submission Deadline:   April 18, 2021

Announcement of the Results:         May 9, 2021

Delivery Address of the Winning Paintings: Orange County Turkish School, Irvine, CA, USA (Postal address will be notified to the winners later)


  1. Participant can participate in the contest with only one (1) work that has not been awarded in any contest before.
  2. The participant agrees to participate in the contest with only one (1) original (non-copy) work.
  3. No fee is charged from the participants for the contest application.
  4. First-degree relatives of the jury members cannot participate in the competition.
  5. The competition is categorized into 3 different age groups. Each evaluation will be made within its own age group. Accordingly, if the jury members deem appropriate; Each age group will be awarded 3 first, second, third prizes and 1 jury special prize for each age group.
  6. Competition participation certificate will be sent online to all painting owners who are entitled to be exhibited, to their e-mail addresses.
  7. The still photograph used in the application for the competition must be professional style shooting. The awards will be evaluated online using these photos. The photo uploaded to the site for the final evaluation should be from opposite angle and covering the whole screen. The photograph should be uploaded online at www.octurkishschool.org without any technical change (color, light, etc.) and identification. The competitor is eliminated from the competition even if he / she receives an award after any technical intervention is detected.
  8. The pictures awarded in the jury evaluation will be published online on May 9, 2021 at www.octurkishschool.org.
  9. Award-winning paintings must be delivered by courier to the address specified until May 28, 2021, provided that the transportation fee belongs to the participant student. The paintings that do not reach the specified address until 28 May 2021 are eliminated from the competition and will not be exhibited. No claims can be claimed on the prize.
  10. Winning paintings must be preserved until they are delivered to Orange County Turkish School. The owner of the painting is responsible for the damages or any problems that may occur during transportation.
  11. Paintings should be placed between two cardboards or in a roll shipping box and packed. A certificate of participation must be attached with the picture.
  12. The copyright of the awarded pictures belongs to OC Turkish School. OC Turkish School has the right to publish and use the award-winning pictures in its advertisements, on the website, on social media, in print and other visual media. For this, OC Turkish School does not need to ask for permission from the participant.
  13. OC Turkish School may exhibit the award-winning works in other exhibitions it deems appropriate and sell it to earn income to the school. No payment is made to the participants who receive awards from these revenues.
  14. All rights of the visuals of the works that participated in the competition but did not receive a prize belong to the contestant.
  15. The pictures that failed to rank in the competition but were entitled to be exhibited will be displayed in the competition video and will be published on OC Turkish School YouTube channel.


  1. Participant is deemed to have declared that he accepts the terms of participation while applying to the Painting Contest with the theme "My Mother and I" organized specially for Mother's Day. The competition commission has the right to ban the works that are found to be incompatible with any of the participation conditions from exhibition and awards.
  2. Works that are understood to be copies will not be evaluated by the competition jury. The jury can deem any work worthy of an award, and has the right to cancel the award given if the work is found to be a copy. In this case, the competitor will have to return the document and prize money. This situation does not create any rights for the participants who received or did not receive other prizes.
  3. The legal and financial sanctions of all kinds of problems related to the competition belong to the competitor and the competition organization is not responsible for any problems that may arise..


Orange County Turk School and Orange County Turkish American Association


Burcu Cunneen: Art Teacher - Fethiye, TURKEY

Erhan Cihangiroğlu:  Illustrator - Istanbul, TURKEY

Fatih Karagül: Eighteen March Çanakkale University Lecturer - Çanakkale, TURKEY

Gülendam Ece Hürmeydan: Painter, Art Teacher - Orange County, USA

Nalan Kumlalı Atahan: Painter, Art Consultant - Los Angeles, USA

Ozcan Tan: Member of the Board of OC Turkish School - Orange County, USA

Pınar Güzelgün Hangün: Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture - New York, USA

Recep Batuk: Painter - Istanbul, TURKEY

Ünsal Bahtiyar: Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Faculty, Department of Basic Education - Istanbul, TURKEY